R. Kelly Goes Missing After Being Transferred To New York

Even after all of the charges against him, R. Kelly is STILL out here testing the law. He was moved from Chicago to New York and was due in court. When he did not show, his lawyer went looking for him but was unable to find him. As of now, the singer is still missing and no one has any clue where...
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Rihanna's Stallker Gets Charged With Three Felonies

Rihanna's stalker, Eduardo Leon, has been charged with burglary, vandalism, and felony stalking after breaking into her home last week. The 26 year old broke into Rihanna's home where he spent 24 hours before getting arrested. He disarmed her security alarm and claimed he was there to have sex with...
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Meek Mill and Jay-Z Creating Docuseries About Criminal Justice System

After being released from prison last week, Meek Mill announced he is teaming up with Jay-Z to create a docuseries on the flaws in Criminal Justice System. It will use Meek Mill's personal journey wile in prison and his rough childhood will also be showcased in the docuseries. It will be a six part...
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