JLO Talks New Movie, New Album, & New Tour

Jennifer Lopez sat down with Jimmy Fallon and talked about a new film they are in together. The new rom-com features a superstar who falls in love with and marries a random fan (Owen Wilson) from the audiance. Jimmy Fallon does NOT play the love interest, instead he plays himself. Along with the...
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Woman Who Inspired Jlo's Hustlers Role Suing Her For $40M

The stripper, Samantha Barbash, who inspired Jlo's character in the movie Hustlers is suing the production company saying they used her story without her permission and made her look bad in the process. She says they portrayed her as using illegal substances in her home where her child lived- she...
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Shares Amazing Year Monologue

Jennifer Lopez reflects on what a year 2019 was for her! She also busts out the famous Versace dress and sings "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town". Video of Jennifer Lopez's Unbelievable Year Monologue - SNL
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Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Did NOT Get Paid For "Hustlers"

Jennifer Lopez shared in the latest issue of GQ "Men of the Year". The singer is named Icon of the Year, and what she shares shows how deserving she is of this award. "I do things because I love them. I didn't get paid a whole bunch of money for Hustlers , " she reveals. "I did it for free and...
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Jennifer Lopez Recreates Famous Dances With Jimmy Fallon

The queen of choreography has done it again! Jennifer Lopez recreated popular dances from music videos on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in a new segment called "The History of Music Video Dancing". Jimmy Fallon joined Lopez in the dances and kept up pretty well. Check it out below...
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Jennifer Lopez, who has made an impassioned plea urging her fans to fight against the United States' policy of separating immigrant children from parents being detained for illegally entering the country.

Arod Proves He's Jlo's Rock

Jlo really has a good one in her corner. Watch the video below for tons of behind the scenes moments of the #ItsMyPartyTour. Arod is definitely a gift! Video of It's My Party Tour Diary: Volume One
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Jennifer Lopez Brings Daughter On Stage For Duet

Jennifer Lopez's daughter came to slay with the vocals during Jlo's "It's My Party Tour". Last month Jlo posted a video of Emme singing and fans were in awe. Many commented saying she definitely has her Dad’s voice. Jlo asked her daughter if she wanted to come out and perform something during the...
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Jlo Talks About The Time She Got Into the Most Trouble

Cuteness overload! Jennifer Lopez let her twins, Emme and Max, interview her. Check out what they decided to ask her..... Video of Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max
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Jennifer Lopez's Motown Performance: Hot or Flop?

It was announced that Jennifer Lopez would be performing a Motown tribute at the Grammys and many people were unsure how that was going to go. After the performance people were on the fence about it; some liked it and some hated it. Some thought she made the tribute too similar to her Vegas show...
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Jennifer Lopez's Upcoming Motown Performance at the Grammys Has People Upset

It has been announced that Jennifer Lopez will be doing a Motown tribute this Sunday at the Grammy Awards, and people are confused. This years Grammys announced Jlo will be the one to perform a Motown tribute, but people think she is NOT the one to do so. Many people took to Twitter to express...
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