Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 12/4

[cbs-clip-player content_id=1e0e7b55-a132-4a09-a701-a83f00ce8a44 size=large station=487] 6:45a P!NK says she’s raising her kids “gender neutral,” and that their household is “label-less.” Pink’s first #1 song and Grammy came from Moulin’s Rouge’s “Lady Marmalade,” a song also featuring Lil’Kim, Mya...
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Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 12/1

Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
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Producer-Dan-Gone-DJ Boutta Hit The Decks This Weekend

With what could have been months of preparation, Producer Dan is not ready for his upcoming DJ gig this weekend at all.
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The K&K Santa Hotline

Call it to leave a message for Santa, and it might just be played on-air!
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Salt Asks Kids If They've Been Good Or Bad For Christmas

Have they been a good or a bad kid this year to get presents from Santa?
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