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9 Things You Forgot About Steve Harvey

Just 63 years ago on January 17, the world was gifted the presence of Steve Harvey, comedian, actor, game show host, entertainer extraordinaire. In those six-plus decades on Earth, Harvey has amassed an insane following, been at the center of his fair share of news and internet memes, and done...
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Steve Harvey

AGAIN: Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Miss Universe Costume

Steve Harvey announces the wrong winner for the Miss Universe costume contest- AGAIN. He blames the teleprompter saying it was written incorrectly and says this is the same thing that happened to him in 2015. Maybe next time he'll get it right! Video of Steve Harvey announced the WRONG WINNER AGAIN!
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Steve Harvey Shares Heartfelt Goodbye

Grab the tissues... Stever Harvey has been one of the media's most loved entertainers. Between Family Feud, his tv show, and radio show, he's been bringing laughs and tears to the audience for years now. He shared a heartfelt goodbye as he wrapped up his series finale. Check out the video below...
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Why Women Need a Burner Phone According to Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey says woman need a burner phone when it comes to these dating apps. He was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel where he advised women to be careful when using dating apps and suggested they protect themselves with getting a second phone and not using their main one. “You need your regular phone and...
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Steve Harvey And Pusha T

Steve Harvey Disses Pusha T In A 'Family Feud' Freestyle

"Who the **** is Pusha T?"
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Steve Harvey to Return as the 2018 'Miss Universe' Host

Steve Harvey will return as the host of the 2018 Miss Universe competition.
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