Couple Finds 10-Foot Python Inside Their Christmas Tree

An uninvited guest always has the potential to upend your holiday plans, especially if it’s a giant python! Leanne Chapman and her partner weren’t expecting company when they returned to their house in Australia and found a group of birds making a loud fuss on the porch. O Christmas tree, o...
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Christmas Safety

Jams Cares!

Emergency responders know all too well about the senseless tragedies that can occur during the holiday season because of a tipped candle, dry Christmas tree or space heater mishap. Check out the holiday safety awareness PSA that also includes infographics and safety tips on how to make this holiday...
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Rome Basically Put Up A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

"Some likened the scruffy tree to a toilet brush."
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The K&K Santa Hotline

Call it to leave a message for Santa, and it might just be played on-air!
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Salt Asks Kids If They've Been Good Or Bad For Christmas

Have they been a good or a bad kid this year to get presents from Santa?
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